Eltham Lunch Club trip to Hastings

There’s More To Hastings Than Meets The Arrow In The Eye

‘Twas 9th September when Eltham Lunch Club members embarked upon the seaside town, led by the very jaunty Cheryl, who rounded everyone up to attack the quiet beach front cafe (now a traditional must) so as to plan our assault on a sunny Hastings.

She then led her crew bravely (mostly, apart from me, quivering with fright at the height) up the Castle Hill lift to the magnificent look out fields at the top. All surveyed their land and the colourful houses stretching far and wide along the valley below. David B and Robin showed their chivalry by helping Cheryl and I push the two wheelchairs that housed worthy and loyal troops, Michael and Peter S. There were moments when Michael became overly cheeky and was threatened with us letting go and seeing how quickly he could reach the bottom without the lift! Luckily, he curtailed his mischievous ways, at least until we returned to ground level, where we all dispersed into smaller armies. Some went off to museums whilst our crew fought the masses in the old town, plundering alongside the pretty shops filled with tick tack brick-a-brack– the men sharing their memories of a time gone by when finding plates, cups and board games that they used in their youth.

The one thing all these sturdy crew members had in common? Their need to eat local and fresh fish and chips. We pillaged many a restaurant to sate our needs, vinegar and salt flying through the air across what was once a Saxon settlement by the name of Haesta ingas.

Nineteen people came but only ten or so remained, to soak in the charming atmosphere and carry on the fight to enjoy wonderful Hastings.

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Eltham Lunch club

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