Christmas At Eltham Lunch Club

On Monday 9th December, we decided to celebrate Christmas in style. The decision was made to have our Christmas meal at The Tudor Barn Restaurant in Eltham.

John Delve helped Cheryl with all the planning so everything was bound to go smoothly. We took over most of the restaurant and many members arrived in their best festive jumpers. Tony outshone everyone in his magnificent suit, shirt and tie. No lights were needed when he entered!

The staff were attentive and completely professional, even with over forty deaf pensioners invading them. The three course meals were served hot and quickly, and went down a treat. Jean was surprised with a beautiful cake to celebrate her 75th birthday, made by Michael’s wife, Margaret, so we all had to undo our waistbands after that and waddle home sated and content. 

We’re already planning for next year!

Happy Christmas!

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