Remark! Community at National Deaf Children’s Society event

Steven Wynne from Remark! Community recently attended the event that the NDCS organised for the parents of deaf children, to come together to discuss the happy future for their deaf children. The stall was set up along with NDCS stalls and we were the only external company there to meet the parents. 

The morning was really lively with all parents coming to the stall and finding out what Remark! Community are offering for their children. Most of them had only recently become paremts. Unfortunately we could not offer any services for their children as our services are for children over 6 years old. Some of the parents had older Deaf children, who would benefit from our services such as our Youth Club and our Playschemes, it was lovely to chat with them about what we can provide! It is very important that their children have access to BSL, and it was lovely to see so many of the parents agree!

The conference for the parents were really interesting as they had some guest speakers who gave presentations about deaf children in different perspective’s – from that of the organisation, from the parents themselves and they also shared a lot of interesting university research regarding Deaf children, and the parenting of a Deaf child.

In between the speakers – we continued meeting more parents and we had one group of parents from Southend who were very interested in our youth club. This is because they are looking to set up new club for their deaf children along with their siblings in the near future. We found it very positive that other groups are being established to further support the Deaf community.

In the afternoon, there were lots of workshops being held for the parents, giving us a chance to have a chat to each stall from NDCS, to find out what they do and what they offer to deaf children. It was really interesting to find out more regarding what NDCS offer.

All in all, we found this to be a very successful day and we are hoping to have some of the deaf children to come to our playscheme and youth club in the near future. I want to say thank you to NDCS for having us and we hope to attend future events held by NDCS as it was definitely a worthwhile use of our time, and it was really great to make people aware of our services.  

Until next time!