Bartek’s Bouldering brilliance at Remarkable! Club

Yesterday, our Remarkable! Club attended The Castle Climbing Centre in Stoke Newington.

All of the members had a brilliant time, however one particular member took us by surprise!

Little did we know, we had a fantastic climber in our midst, arriving with his own special climbing shoes that he had purchased at a sports fayre! Bartek was soaring to all heights, rocketing up and down the walls with ease! He claims that this was his first time, but Steven and Annie are not so sure!

Everybody gave it a brilliant go, pushed themselves to their limits, and conquered their fears!

Remark! Community would love to say a big thank you to “The Castle” in Stoke Newington for being so accessible and accommodative for our group!

Next stop, Mount Everest! Right, Bartek?

Remarkable! Club is a weekly club for Deaf adults with additional needs that takes place every Tuesday afternoon. Based at our accessible community centre in central London, we deliver a mixture of services and activities including workshops on money management, cyber safety, as well as life skills and how to write a good CV. Not only that, but attendees get to enjoy cultural trips to museums, leisure centres and other places of interest.

When: Tuesdays
Time: 12 – 4pm
Where: 18 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7SU
Cost: £2

If you are interested please contact [email protected] or visit our page here.