Remark! Community North Playscheme news

Remark! Community’s North London Playscheme has just finished another week of games, laughs and fun! From Tuesday to Friday we had a bunch of different activities for our youth and children’s groups.

We played countless board games, from Monopoly to Jenga to Uno, as well as some fun outdoors play.

Throughout the week, we went to many different places for them to enjoy. We started the week off with some soft play for the children and cinema for the youth. While the youth went climbing the next day, we took the children to Shrek Adventures where they got to step into a world of fantasy, meet different witches and princesses and try to save Shrek.

The kids had a great time and really got to let their creativity out as they painted beautiful pots where they then planted their flowers. Meanwhile, we went bowling with the youth.

On the last day, we were all very sad that is was already the end of the week. The youths were also very sad… until we took them to Namco where they got to run wild, playing countless of games, competing at the driving simulators and having a day of fun!

Worry not, the kids group were also having a fantastic time, tiring themselves out on a big bouncy castle that we had hired for the whole day! Needless to say, after lots of games of “monster” (A game that the children created, during which the staff have to chase the children around the castle, pretending to be “monsters”) the children and the staff we’re absolutely exhausted.

Time for Steven and Annie to get back to the drawing board, what fantastic new activities will they plan for the next Playscheme!? Only time will tell!…

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Our ever-popular playscheme is for Deaf children aged 6 – 16 and runs in both North and South London during the school holidays (including half-term). Our Deaf playscheme offers a combination of in-venue activities such as sports, baking and crafts activities as well as day visits to adventure parks, trampolining, or wall-climbing. Every year we offer a wealth of new activities, to inspire participation and character building for each Deaf child who attends.

When: School Holidays
Time: 10am – 4pm
Cost: £2 per day