Remarkable! trip to the Cutty Sark

Last week Remark! Community organised a trip for Remarkable! Club to visit the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. We were very lucky to find a BSL tour of the ship. The tour was led by Deaf Historian John Wilson, who told us of its history from first being built in Scotland to all that’s happened since being put in the dry dock at Greenwich. 

Although Cutty Sark started off as a ‘tea clipper’ collecting tea from China and bringing back to London, it was later used to collect wool from Australia and then sold to a company Portugal and renamed Ferreira. Later, it was bought back as a training ship and called Cutty Sark again, before being made into a museum as it is today! 

Everyone had an absolutely fantastic time – thankfully Steven was in a good mood too! This meant that nobody had to walk the plank! 

The tour was enjoyed by all, and we owe a big thanks to John Wilson for providing such an interesting and engaging tour! 

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Remarkable! club for Deaf adults with additional needs that takes place every Tuesday afternoon. Based at our accessible community centre in central London, we deliver a mixture of services and activities including workshops on money management, cyber safety, as well as life skills and how to write a good CV. Not only that, but attendees get to enjoy cultural trips to museums, leisure centres and other places of interest.

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