We run two playschemes in London for Deaf children during the school holidays.



Our ever-popular playscheme is for Deaf children aged 6 – 16 and runs in both North and South London during the school holidays (including half-term). Our Deaf playscheme offers a combination of in-venue activities such as sports, baking and crafts activities as well as day visits to adventure parks, trampolining, or wall-climbing. Every year we offer a wealth of new activities, to inspire participation and character building for each Deaf child who attends.

When: School Holidays
Time: 10am – 4pm
Cost: £2 per day

South London

Catford Wanderers Sports Club
Beckenham Hill Road

Contact: [email protected]

North London

Ambler Primary School
Blackstock Rd
Finsbury Park
N4 2DR

Contact: [email protected]

Testimonials about Playscheme


Playscheme parent

Thank you to you, Gemma, Davod and Sindy for your continued work, you all have such enormous energy! The children are very fortunate to have the play scheme, you do amazing trips and great days in.  Noah is learning to sign and has a strong deaf identity, great adult role models, especially males  (I think for boys strong male role models are extremely important, especially as they reach teenage years!) I can see that Noah respects and looks up to  you all.  Another good thing about Remark! is that the leaders are consistent you don't have people that cover sessions and then leave so you get to know all the children and they (and the parents)  know who you are. It really is a fabulous play scheme.